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Networking is my super power

Hey, I understand the far reaching effects online communities provide (otherwise, why would I be posting this?), but can I make a case for the powerful impact face-to-face interactions provide for a moment?

I attend at least two networking events each month. I can't count on finding new clients each time but I almost always:

*meet like-minded business people in my locale *get better at stepping outside my comfort zone *learn about other businesses in my community *hear unique ways to deliver a 30-second elevator speech (and I do mean "unique" LOL) *expand my circle of influence *travel to new venues *form connections with other business leaders *find ways to make a positive impact in my community

So, while Wonder Woman gears up with bracelets, ropes and a really cool sword before she heads out to defend freedom, I comb my hair, polish my smile and load my purse with business cards.

Yep, networking is my super power. No cape required.

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