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As the exclusive event sponsor, your business will receive more than $5,000 of promotional recognition in all Fountain Hills Community Health Fair promotional literature including:


  • Your logo on 300 event totes, a recycled, reusable bag which will promote your business long after the event concludes. Value: $1500.
  • A full page ad in the Fountain Hills Community Health Fair program. This program will be inserted into the Fountain Hills Times the week of the event. Your business will also receive copies to distribute. Value: $1,138
  • Six weeks worth of promotion on social media, including a one week feature on the Healthy Fountain Hills Page banner. Value: $750
  • A video shoot with Clason Communications to create a 2-minute marketing video for your business. This video will be posted on social media and the Healthy Fountain Hills website. Value: $750
  • Your logo prominently displayed on all event banners, beginning six weeks prior to the event. Value: $500
  • A feature article in the Fountain Hills Community Health Fair program. Value: $200
  • Two 30-minute presentations the day of the event. Value: $100
  • Four 15-minute booth demonstrations the day of the event. Value: $200


Event Sponsor

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