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How to overcome your fear of making promotional videos for your business

Experts say video marketing increases revenue by as much as 49% -- but those videos won't make themselves!

If you've made the decision to add video promotions to your marketing communication strategy but are struggling with being in front of the camera, these four stress-busting tips may help:

1. Know what you want to say before you turn on the camera. Make a list of topics you want to share and choose one to talk about. You can save the others for later ;)

2. Keep it short and sweet. Make a list of 3-4 important points you want to cover. That will make it easier to stay on topic when the camera starts to record.

3. Be conversational. Try asking a friend to sit in the room with you. Pretend you're talking to her instead of the camera. Smile. Laugh. Interact. It's engaging!

4. Finally -- lighten up! Don't be so critical of yourself. Remember, you're the expert here -- your voice has value. Share it with your customers.

Are you ready? Resolve to record and post your first video this week. The second one is even easier than the first, I promise.

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