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Reversing spinal decay is reversing aging

By Dr. Christopher R. Condon

Did you know that spinal decay and aging are not synonymous?  In other words, as we age, we can actually maintain a healthy spine for as long as we live.

One might ask, “why is this important?”, or “why do my father and grandfather and great grandfather all have spine problems? It just runs in our family”.

While it’s certainly true that many people have degenerative problems with their spines, hips, knees, shoulders, etc., it’s also true that the best research we have points to these decay issues as byproducts of lifestyle. The way we live, the things we do every day have a far greater impact on our skeletal health that anything else---even our genetic predispositions. In fact, the best geneticists say 95% of us have good enough blueprints (DNA) to live vitally somewhere from 80 to 120 years of age.

So the question ultimately remains, “how do we avoid letting our spines decay?”

And to answer the question, “why is this important?”, I will tell you…

You cannot achieve your health-potential with an unhealthy spine. The reason is simple. With abnormal spinal alignment and motion, your nerve system, by default, is  interfered with and compromised. With a stressed nerve-system our bodies no longer operate efficiently or at 100%. 

For over 25 years I’ve shown patients how improvements in their spinal health and posture can improve their overall health. Not only do patients realize that their pain goes away, but they have more energy, their blood pressure improves, their sleep improves, their digestion and bowel function improves and they even notice their relationships improve---all because they’re thinking, feeling and operating closer to their potential and closer to 100% of their nerve-supply.

Our proven techniques and technology including our patented, SpineMed spinal

decompression system and our SUMMUS Horizon Class 4 laser, help us identify and make corrections to patients’ abnormal spinal curves and reverse degenerative changes including disc disease and spinal stenosis---all without the dangers of drugs and surgery. Our before and after x-rays say it all…revealing that changes can happen in a matter of eight to twelve weeks for conditions that have taken decades to develop.

My new book, The Richest Man in the Hospital, reveals how you can stay on track with your spinal hygiene and overall health as long as you have the right mindset and direction. My mission remains simple and consistent over the years--- Remove distractions, interference and contradictions and you can enjoy abundant health for as long as you live.

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