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MOM brings 3-D mammography to the Fountain Hills Health Fair

Appointments are now being accepted for MOM, a mobile onsite mammography by Simon Med Imaging, which will be onsite for the 2nd annual Fountain Hills Community Health Fair on February 17, 2024.

MOM accepts most major insurance carriers as well as Medicare. Non-insured patients pay $235. The exam is a 3-D, full-field digital mammography and CAD computerized reading which can accommodate patients with breast implants. Patients under 35 must provide a doctor's referral.

Appointments can be scheduled online or by calling 480-967-3767 or 900-285-0272. Patients should bring an insurance card, doctor's name and address, and location of prior mammogram films with them to the exam.

According to the National Cancer Institute, 297,790 new breast cancer cases are estimated for 2023, which accounts for 15.2% of all cancer cases. Mayo Clinic experts found a 15% to 20% reduction in breast cancer mortality with mammographic screening for women 40-69.

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