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Why advertising in your hometown newspaper is a good idea

Forget everything you've heard about the slow death of print advertising. If you live in a small town like Fountain Hills, advertising in the local newspaper is a good investment for both your business and the community at large.

1. Your news is important. People who live in small communities want to know what's happening and rely on the local newspaper to supply them with accurate information. That means the local newspaper is interested in what's happening in your business. If you have news that impacts local residents, chances are good the paper's editors will want to share it.

2. Your business supports the local economy. When you advertise in the local newspaper, your business positively impacts the lives of the employees who work there. In turn, these employees pay local taxes and shop at local grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants, and other establishments like yours. The more businesses support each other, the more likely they will all thrive.

3. You maximize reach and ROI. Because small town newspapers are experiencing a revival of sorts, more and more residents are subscribing. Recent research suggests that reader loyalty rates for small town papers are twice that of their national or regional counterparts. Advertising in a local paper demonstrates loyalty for the communities that read those publications.

4. You reach an offline demographic. Believe it or not, not everyone interacts on social media. If one of your key target markets doesn't make buying decisions from online sources, print media is a really good way to reach them.

5. You generate word-of-mouth. Many of my clients who regularly advertise in the local newspaper say they get recognized in public places -- the grocery story or restaurant -- from their weekly ad. And, because almost every reader lives nearby, each subscriber is a potential customer.

If you don't already know the advertising rates for your hometown publication, reach out to one of their sales staff soon. Together you can determine the right frequency and exposure for maximizing your marketing budget and community investment.

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