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Recently I was on a photo shoot, walking with my client beside a large wall of windows, when I became aware of an image reflected in the panes. It took me a second to fully understand that the person looking back at me holding a camera and tripod was actually an image of me -- as if I had come face-to-face with a future version of myself. This wasn't a reflection. It was an affirmation.

My heart leapt as we became the same person; I instinctively snapped the shutter in an effort to capture the moment.

Every hurt and humiliation.

Every triumph and joy.

Every loss and gain.

Every promise and possibility.

I am resilient and strong, humble and grateful; I am exactly where I am supposed to be. Tomorrow I will be a new person, an even different version of energy and passion, determination and acceptance. Today I will celebrate who I am and be grateful for all I have experienced along the way.

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