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Chipotle's new ad campaign makes use of one of their biggest assets

How do you distinguish your company from its competitors? Video marketing can be a powerful tool if you use it strategically. Check out this recent ad campaign from Chipotle. Chances are you don't have the resources to hire an ad agency like Venables and Partners or an Oscar-winning filmmaker like Errol Morris, but you may have something just as valuable -- employees who believe in your company and are passionate about what they do.

Chipotle's new ad campaign, Behind the Foil, is a perfect example of how a company can use its greatest assets to create relatable, effective video to showcase products and services -- and build brand at the same time. In Chipotle's case, it's all part of a new transparency campaign designed to highlight their new food preparation process. (You may remember the foodborne illness problems the company experienced in 2015.) Employees like Bre are only one part of this documentary-like ad campaign. The other stars of the show are the farmers who grow the food the restaurant chain uses as ingredients and intimate, behind-the-scenes footage of life in a Chipotle kitchen.

If you don't have employees, consider using loyal customers to sing your praises. They are powerful emissaries, too. If you still need help, message me. Not only can I brainstorm options with you but my March marketing video promotion makes it affordable to get in the game.

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